Our stories are the flowers in the garden of life.
What are your family or couple sessions like? 
Natural to you, your family, or partners relationship. Be yourself, these photographs are for you. I come to each session with zero judgment, if you and your partners love language is dancing or sharing a beer together; these are the moments I want to capture. If you come to me with a vision you want to create, perhaps you have poses in mind, I will flow with your creative idea. If your family lifestyle is active, I will tag along with you on a hike or beach day- I'm all for an adventure. What are real-life moments you wish you had a photographer around?

Do you help with styling clothes for a shoot?
Yes! I'm here to help you feel confident in front of the camera. If that means helping with wardrobe, putting on your favorite playlist during a session, or words of affirmation- I'm here for you all the way. 

What are your brand crafting sessions like?
Tons of questions and back and forth dialogue. I want to know your story, your why, and your audience. Your website or marketing images are the life to your brand, I want to help you make make your brand come to life and resonate with your specific audience. 

Covid-19 precautions?
Everyone's safety comes first. I will be wearing a mask during our sessions and I have been vaccinated to ensure the safety of myself and everyone. If you have any other preferences, I'm happy to work something out during our consultation so you feel completely comfortable during our time together.

What does your creative content writing include?
Typically I help clients with the creative aspects of telling their business/brand identity or mission. Through emotive storytelling I help can help individuals translate what they do with their business into why they started this journey. Photographs are a powerful storytelling aspect, in combination of my passion for photography, I use my degree in Communication and Writing to convey a message that resonates with your target audience.  

How can I schedule a consultation? 
I'm looking forward to connecting with you. You can send me a message at hellopeanutcreative.co@gmail.com. Our private online consultation can take place over the phone or via zoom to address what you're looking for and how I can best make your vision come to life. 

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