Family Digital Photos ​​​​​​​

My love for children's books has only grown as an adult. The anticipation of turning a page to see where the adventure will take you next; told with poetic one-liners and illustrations that teleport you to another place. A tale that reveals the light we all possess inside of us, and when we believe in ourselves and seizing the moment- we can reach the stars and get lost without fear. This is what inspires my family photography.

Captured digitally with Panasonic S5 
Lifestyle, Outdoor Adventure, Indoor, Intimate moments
" Hayley made our kids feel so comfortable during the shoot. She was intuitive when it came to natural moments. We came to the shoot with poses in mind and she was open to our ideas! " -Abby
" She came prepared with snacks, patience, and openness. We've never felt so comfortable in front of a camera." -Maddy

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